Committee Members


Tamara has been appointed as President of the club for 2023 having previously held the position of Secretary since 2020. Tamara is the best contact for all strategic initiatives and opportunities for the club.


Tony (Senior) has been an omni-present figure through his involvement with the club across many decades. This continuity has provided stability and maintained the knowledge and experience within the committee.


Tony (Junior) has overseen a successful few years for the club financially, which is a fantastic achievement during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tony is the best contact for sponsorship packages and strategic financial partnerships.


Yianni has been the Registrar of the club for four years and is head of the club's Administration sub-committee. Reach out to Yianni for all matters relating to registration, club membership and administration.

Not Available


Vicki has returned to the Executive Committee of the club, having held the offices of President and Secretary previously. Reach out to Vicki for all official matters of the club, including communications.

JAMIE DORAN Assistant Secretary

Jamie assists with the Secretary portfolio of the club and has played a pivotal role in the establishment and rollout of the Game Leader programme in the Club and Association. Reach out to Jamie in absence of Tamara.

PHILLIP PSALTIS Competition Secretary

Phillip is your go-to person for all game days and competition matters. Without a laptop far away from him, he is constantly ensuring our fixtures and results administration is up-to-date at all times.

JIM TATSIS Management Committee

Jim is a Management Committee member and heads up the Technical and Development sub-committee of the Club. This portfolio sets out the club's vision for coaching and playing methods and the grading of players and teams.

CON PANIS Management Committee

Con is a Management Committee member and heads up the Apparel and Equipment sub-committee of the Club. This involves getting player kits and training equipment to our 900+ players and their coaches.

DORA OCCHIPINTI Management Committee

Dora is a Management Committee member and heads up our Finance and Strategy sub-committee. This involves the preparation and co-ordination of plans for government grants, funding initiatives and our strategy for the future. Reach out to Dora to start a conversation about such matters.

DANIEL OCCHIPINTI Management Committee

Daniel is a Management Committee member and heads up our Maintenance sub-committee, looking after our scope of grounds and facilities maintenance.

CHRISTIAN HAWKINS Management Committee

Christian has joined the Management Committee for 2023 season.