Registering for the SkillBuilder Plus Program

Register for the program through the Dribl portal as you did to register with the Club: .

Term 2 commences Wednesday 5 June.

For more information, contact program organizer, Jim Tatsis, via or 0434 072 261.

SkillBuilder Plus. An Earlwood Wanderers FC Player Development Program

This year, Earlwood Wanderers FC will run a program aimed at providing EWFC players additional opportunities to enhance their skills. It is a competitively priced optional program that can complement the regular team training sessions for those players who want to do extra training.

The program is designed for ages 6 to 14, with age appropriate activities, predominantly technical (not tactical), focusing on the four core skills: striking the ball, first touch, running with the ball and 1v1.

What Does The Program Cost

Each term costs $200 ex GST (ie $220 incl GST) per player for a 1 hour weekly training session for 6 scheduled sessions.

Session Details.

SkillBuilder Plus sessions will held at Earlwood Oval in Earlwood. Sessions run on Wednesdays across three time slots starting at 5:00pm, 6:00pm and 7:00pm.  Younger age groups are scheduled in the earlier time slots and older age groups in the later ones.

The program is divided into two terms of 6 weekly sessions each term, with term 1 commencing at the start of the footballing season and term 2 commencing the week after the conclusion of term 1 notwithstanding inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances that require the commencement of term 2 to be pushed back. If a session is unable to go ahead due to weather conditions, ground closure or other unforeseen circumstances, the session is postponed to the following week, which is why there is no fixed date for the commencement of term 2.